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April 2023 – Abridged Magazine 0_93 Terminus (poem: “Nameless”) UK

Dez. 2022 – Abridged 0-92 The Violet Hour (prose poem: “There Is and Will Only Be Stone”) UK

Nov. 2022 – Bacopa Literary Review (poem: “Solitary Musings”) US

March 2022 – Humanletter No. 06 “Interim” of the Miller-Zillmer Foundation (poem: Mandala) GER

March 2022 – Reservoir Road Literary Review (photography: “Hahneberg (Berlin)“)
READ THE ONLINE MAGAZINE HERE: www.reservoirroadlit.com

Jan. 2022 – Crimeucopia – “Tales From The Back Porch” by Murderous Ink Press, (story: “The Sting”) UK

Jan. 2022 – Abridged, The first of their 0 – 666: Sinnerman postcards (poem: “Hexagram 37”) UK

Dec. 2021 – Perito Prize Anthology which features the best selection of short stories from last year’s Perito Prize. My story Parting World was awarded 8th place. UK

Dec. 2021 – The Sunlight Press (photography: “Silver Birch Wood” & “The Ghostly Wood) UK
READ THE ONLINE MAGAZINE HERE: www.thesunlightpress.com

Nov. 2021 – Please See Me – Issue #9 online magazine (photography: From Darkness to Light)

Nov. 2021 – Abridged Magazine 0 – 80 Dominion (print & online), (poem: Where Shall I Be?) UK
Info: www.abridged.zone

Sept. 2021 – Tint Journal (photography: “Wire and Pipe”)

August 2021 – Moida Magazine – Fall 2021 Culture Issue (artwork: “Palimpsest”)

July 2021 – Free web e-anthology Atelier of Healing: Poetry About Trauma & Recovery (poem: “Weather-beaten”)

June 2021 – Decolonial Passage website www.thedecolonialpassage.net (3 poems: “Walking the Rain”, “Joining the Army”, “Breaking Free”) US

June 2021 – Wolf Jaw Magazine #1, “Life During Wartime” (3 poems: “Thembi’s initiation”, “Being”, “Flight”) US

May 2021 – “Tell Me Who We Were Before Life Made Us” poetry anthology edited by Maz Hedgeho (poetic prose piece: “Janus”) UK

May 2021 – “Resistance: Righteous Rage in the Age of #MeToo”, poetry anthology edited by Sue Goyette (poem: “I Ache”) CANADA

May 2021 – Aji spring 2021 issue (artwork: Palimpsest) US

May 2021 – Voice of Peace: 1st Intercontinental Poetry and Short Story Anthology 2021 receiving a “Honorary Certificate of Distinction”

April 2021 – The Caribbean Writer journal, 35th volume (2 poems: “We Have Our Songs” & “Get Out Of Your Way”) Virgin Islands

March 2021 – NonBinary Review #23: Apocalypse (mixed-media artwork: “Only the Outline of Our City Wall Is Left”) US

Dec. 2020 – Nothing to Look Forward to But the Past anthology (poem:”An Ancestor Guards”) UK

Dec. 2020 – London Photo Festival December’s photo competition (photograph)

Dec. 2020 – Ake Review (short story: “Lives on Recycled Paper”) Nigeria

Nov. 2020 – Harpy Hybrid Review Issue #2.5 (poetic prose: “A Berlin Totem Pole” and accompanying photograph) (US)

Oct. 2020 – Plants & Poetry journal (photographs: “Trees Can Talk “, “An Evergreen with Cones” & “Sinews of Bark”) (US)

Sept. 2020 – “The World in an Eye” (flash fiction book), published by Chapeltown Books (UK)

Sept. 2020 – Meat for Tea – Passionfruit/Blackcurrant issue ( photograph: “These are blackthorns not blackcurrents”) (US)

July 2020 – Freshwater Review journal (artwork: “Untitled”, 121 cm x 151 cm) (US)

July 2020 – Abridged 0 – 60: Echo issue (poem: “Mocked”) (UK)

May 2020 – “Picking up the Pieces” (short story), published by midnight & Indigo (US)

March 2020 – 0-59: Persephone (poem: “Blood Orange”) published by Abridged Magazine (UK)

Feb. 2020 – A Garden of Black Joy: Global Poetry from the Edges Of Liberation & Living curated by Keno Evol,
(poem: “Burning Inroads”), published by Wise Ink Creative Publishing (US)

Dec. 2019 – Painting “This Isn’t A Chessboard”, published by Caribbean Writer (University of the Virgin Islands)

Nov. 2019 – A poem published in the new issue of the Abridged 0 – 58: Kassandra (UK)

Sept. 2019 – A photograph titled “Motions in Sand No.1”, published in New York poetry and photography journal Light – Issue 12 (US)

July 2019 – “White-haired Nana” (poem) published in The Good Journal, Issue 4 (UK)

July 2019 – Painting “Leaving Tracks No. 3”, published in The Freshwater Review (US)

June 2019 – ‘Universal Oneness: An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World’ (360 poems by 360 poets from 60 Countries) to be published by Authorspress (New Delhi, India)

April 2019 – Sunlight (flash fiction: “For the Love of Money”), a digital literary journal published by The Sunlight Press

April 2019 – “The Two Dreamers: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Anne Frank” (poem: “Angel Blues”), published by The Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh (US)

Nov. 2018 – ANIMA METHODI: The Poetics of Mirroring published by Squircle Line Press (US)

Jun. 2018 – Eeny Meeny Miney Mo: Tales for Tired Tykes (bedtime story book for children – story: “Minnie at the Marketplace“) published by Patchwork Raven (New Zealand)

Jun. 2018 – Stadtsprachen Magazin (poem: “Mandala“ with German translation), online literary magazine (GER)

Mar. 2018 – One Person’s Trash (poem: “The Green and Light of Things“), a literary journal (US)

Jan. 2018 – All the Women in My Family Sing (anthology of essays: “Touch-and-Go“) published by Nothing But The Truth Publishing (United States)

Dec. 2017 – Brutal Issue (poem: “Cover Up”) published in the Here Comes Everyone Magazine (UK)

Nov. 2017 – 0-51: Wormwood (poem: “The Silence”) published by Abridged Magazine (UK)

Nov. 2017 – So It Goes (poem: “11 Days After The Quake”) published by The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library (United States)

Nov. 2017 – “Climate of Opinion”: Sigmund Freud in Poetry (poem: “Nostalgia”) published by International Psychoanalytic Books (IPBooks, United States)

Sept. 2017 – Das Stadtsprachen Magazin – Magazin der internationalen Berliner Literaturen
(poem: “The Solipsist”), published by Stadtsprachen (Germany)

Jun. 2017 – Honest Ulsterman magazine (poems: “Shadow” and “Urban Testimony”), Northern Ireland

May 2017 – Writing Menopause: An Anthology of Fiction, Poetry and Creative Non-fiction (story: “Unzipped” and the poem: “Roll Over A Change Is Coming”), published by Inanna Publications (Canada)

2016 – “Theories of HER”: an experimental anthology (publication date 13.12.2016).
Flash fiction: “Niesha’s Blackened Lips”. Poetry: “The Journey” and “The Hijra’s Blues” (USA)

2016 – Stories of Music: Volume 2 (Dec. publication). Poem: “Angel Blues” (USA)

2016 – “Poetic Hustles, Volume 2: Life Matters” (Dec. publication). Poetry: “Ms Betty” and “No Noise” (USA)

2016 – Polychrome Ink Volume IV (Nov.). Flash fiction: “Waiting” (USA)

2016 – FICTION Silicon Valley – (Oct.). Flash fiction: “The Papaya Stall” (USA)

2016 – The Worcester Journal (online magazine – autumn issue). Memoir: “The Politics of Beauty” (USA)

2016 – Mantid Magazine (Sept.). Story: “Elena’s Notes” (USA)

2016 – Abridged Magazine (Feb.). Poem: “Tsunami Blue – 2003” (UK)

2015 – Omniverse – Sun Ra by Hartmut Geerken and Chris Trent. The expanded and revised hardback 2nd edition published by Art Yard. Translation of Hartmut Geerken’s German preface into English. (UK)

2015 – Thrice Magazine (December issue) (USA)

2015 – Wordland 6: Black is the New Black Anthology (December) (UK)

2015 – The Honest Ulsterman (UK)

2015 – The Caribbean Writer (TCW) – Poetry magazine, volume 29 (University of the Virgin Islands)

2015 – Abridged 0 – 40: Take Me Home (UK)

2015 – Dis.or.der (fiction: Shuttle Frost) – Red Dashboard LLC Publishing (USA)

2014 – Clarify – Poetry anthology, Annapurna Magazine (USA)

2014 – “Wandering Cities” – issue of Pudding Magazine #62 (USA)

2014 – Die Novelle – Zeitschrift für Experimentelles, Taschenbuch, #3, June 2014, by Daniel Ableev, Sarah Kassem, Christian Knieps, Dennis Mombauer (GER)

2014 – Kalyani Magazine, Issue 4: “Private Out Loud“, spring edition (USA)

2014 – “Arriving in the Future” anthology, published by Edition Assemblage (GER)

2014 – E-Book – “In the Night Count the Stars” published by Bittersweet Editions (USA)

2014 – Verse/Chorus: A Call and Response Anthology, Orange Monkey Publishing (USA)

2014 – Dear Sister Anthology, AK Press (USA)

2013 – The December issue of BLACKBERRY: a magazine. Vol. 2, Issue 3, “Here” (USA)

2013 – Debut poetry/music EP-album “Word Pulse” (16.8.2013), Havavision Records UK (UK)

2013 – Thrice Magazine – short story “Waiting”, published by Thrice Publishing (USA)

2013 – BLACKBERRY: a magazine Vol.2 issue 1: Time. Three poems are published (USA)

2013 – Kalyani Magazine (US) “The Sound” Issue – poem “Ms Betty”, ISBN: 9781483940427 (USA)

2013 – Volume Magazine 10 (UK) – “The World Issue”. Story “Seeing in the Dark” 2013 Volume Magazine Ltd (UK)

2012 – “Remembrances of Wars Past” – Poetry and prose anthology by Fox Track Publications (USA)

2012 – Connections: an anthology of short stories. The short story “What’s It All For,” published by Paragram, Editor: M Anson, ISBN: 978-0-9568999-8-9 Ltd. (UK)

2012 – Poetry/music single “Ms Betty” Havavision Records (Dec) (UK)

2012 – Erbacce press “Blood Orange” poetry collection. Winner of the Erbacce-poetry prize contest. ISBN: 9781907878480 (UK)

2012 – Transfigual Mathematics Vol.1 No.2 Publisher, The Matran Schools, ISSN 1430-6433 (GER)

2012 – Kaleidoscope issue 65, ISSN: 0748-8742 (USA)

2012 – Domestic Cherry 2 anthology Editor: Mabel Watson, ISBN: 9781291389937 (UK)

2012 – Poetry/music single ‘Meta Stasis’ Havavision Records UK (April) (UK)

2012 – Words with Jam (UK) (February issue) (UK)

2011 – World Selected Prose, “The Smartest Kid in the Bronx” Published (October 22, 2011) by the Latin Heritage Foundation, USA ISBN-13: 978-0615558417 (USA)

2011 – Domestic Cherry 1 is a new annual that will be published each May as part of the Swindon Festival of Literature. Editor: Mabel Watson ISBN: 9781447508205 (UK)

2011 – New Trespass magazine on the theme Justice and the Arts. Editor: Sara-Mae Tuson ISSN: 17530016, published on-line by Exact Editions (UK)

2010 – A Lime Jewel: an anthology of poetry & short stories to raise money for ongoing relief in Haiti, edited by Yetunde Ruban ISBN: 978-0-9566748-0-7 (UK)

2010 – Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry, edited by Kwame Dawes Peeple Tree ISBN 13:9781845231293 (UK)

2010 – Caribbean Writer: Volume 24 2010 Edited by Opal Palmer Adisa ISBN: 0-9769273-5-7

2010 – Boyne Berries 7 Autumn Issue. Published by the Boyne Writers Group ISSN: 1649-9271 (UK)

2010 – Crab Lines Off The Pier: Indigo Dreams, edited by Dawn Bauling and Ronnie Gooddyer ISBN 978-1-907401-21-3 (UK)

2009 – Not A Muse (a world poetry anthology) Haven Books. Editors Kate Rogers/ Viki Holmes ISBN: 978-988-1809-1-4 (Hong Kong)

2009 – Poems of Inspiration and Faith, Level 4 Press, Inc. U.S.A Editor: William Roetzheim ISBN: 978-1-933769-45-5 (USA)

2008 – Erbacce Issue 16 – Erbacce Press UK. Editors: Alan Corkish/Andrew Taylor ISSN: 1744 2699 (16) (UK)

2008 – Transfigural Mathematics (Poetry Corner) Vol.1.3,  Verlag: The Matran School, Berlin. Editor: Lere O. Rayer ISSN: 1430-6433 (GER)

2007 – Kiez-Poeten, published by Kiezbündnis Klausenerplatz e.V. Berlin, Germany ISBN: 9783837012521 (GER)

2006 – „Brüste Kriegen“, 2nd reprint Verbrecher Verlag, ISBN: 3-935843-42-9 Berlin, Germany (GER)