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I wanted to let you know that my flash fiction book, The World in an Eye, is being released as a hard copy now, but it can be ordered now on Amazon. The Kindle version is up and running, too.

I would appreciate your support in helping to spread the news! Here is a quick overview of the book: The World in an Eye is published by Chapeltown Books, UK (Chapeltown Books). The book presents diverse flash fiction stories set in America, England, Germany, Italy and other places where poignancy, rawness and sensitivity are propelled to the foreground. This evocative compilation also thrusts taboo topics out from the fringes into the spotlight. Here, they explore and expose the lives of those not fed with golden spoons.

Latest book reviews:

19th November 2020 – the Creative Writing News website: TWIAE book review

The first review for my book on Amazon in the United Kingdom on 18th October 2020:
A thought provoking read. Each short chapter is full of rich poetic description of both the inner lives of the protagonists and the tough environments they live in. The stories are a window into people’s day to day struggles but also how they respond to the dramatic and sometime shocking events around them. The language is accessible while at the same time being insightful and illuminating. Would thoroughly recommend this short read.

A recent review from someone who purchased The World in an Eye:
A thoroughly enjoyable read: A collection of short stories that challenge the mind and bring awareness of real-life experiences affecting the vulnerable and marginalised. Written with humour and flair, the writer successfully draws the reader in to experiencing a journey of discovery. The clever storytelling provokes interest in topics which are very much woven into the fabric of Society.

Please consider purchasing one or more copies of the book here: Amazon

To those of you that purchase and like the book, please don’t forget to write a review on Amazon. I would appreciate the effort.
I sincerely appreciate your support in helping me get this book launched with some momentum. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas for me.
Thank you!